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GSA Funding Requests

The GSA is happy to announce that we are taking funding requests to support graduate student growth and opportunity. In order to request funds, applicants must be:
1) Current Longwood Graduate Students
2) Requesting funds that follow GSA finance restrictions which include no funding of:

  • Scholarship

  • Alcoholic Beverages and/or drugs

  • Direct philanthropic or financial contributions to any enterprise

  • Any travel exceeding state per diems


Highest priority will be given to graduate students requesting funds that are inclusive of other graduate students and programs.

Any applications for travel to workshops/conferences must go through Graduate Travel Grant requests first. If the event is declined by CGPS for travel grant approval, students may then request money from GSA. 

Approved money requests may take up to one month for disbursement so requests that are not reimbursement must be submitted at least one month prior to when the student is requesting money. Applicants must be willing to write a small review of the experience GSA money funded for publication on the GSA website, graduate student spotlight blog, and/or the CGPS facebook page.

The GSA will review applications within one week after submission and will respond by denying, approving the full request, or approving partial payment of the requested amount. 

To begin your funding request application please click here.

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